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Ultrasonic X360 Facial Massager

Ultrasonic X360 Facial Massager

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Harnessing Ultrasound, a high frequency mechanical vibration wave, that is widely used in medical and cosmetic fields, including our Dr Nyla Medispa Clinics. This low energy, high frequency vibration works to enhance cell viability, permeability of skincare products and shrink pores.

Accelerate micro circulation and promote cell metabolism with ultrasonic cleaning, causing vibration deep into the skin. Transformative ion flow leads to increased permeability of the cell membrane, allowing for faster and more efficient performance of your cleansing products.

Deep massage through high-frequency vibration can improve micro circulation by penetrating deep into the skin through supersonic vibration atomisation allowing for enhanced product absorption.

Designed to be used in conjunction with the Dr Nyla Skincare range for maximum results.

Key Ingredients

Your Dr Nyla Ultrasonic X360 comes complete with charger and usage instructions.

Directions for Use

A unique facial tool for home and clinic use

  • Ultrasonic cleansing and exfoliating
  • Massage and facial toning

Dr Nyla At Home Signature Facial program:

1. Nourishing Cream Cleanser – CLEANSING FUNCTION

2. Hot cloth to remove product

3. Use a suitable Sheet Mask (Doctor Nyla Moisture Surge Sheet Masks coming soon!)

4. Massage in the remaining product using the LIFTING FUNCTION

5. Finish with Radiance Day Cream SPF20 with MOISTURISING FUNCTION

For best results, use twice weekly.

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